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"This is a wonderful debut album: at once deliciously droney and glitchy with surges of dark caustitcity (which precisely fits my mixological wheelhouse!). Very much at home with artists such as Numina, Steve Roach & vidnaObmana, Mr. Ryan utilizes some wonderful ambient bass & synth work as he weaves an overcast atmosphere that envelops the listener."


- Review of Mostly Gray, Ambient Landscape Music

"Flood is a wholly original work and one where he has created his own unique and moving sonic vocabulary. Never one to miss the opportunity for a pun, I dare say the floodgates are open on Thorny's unique musical vocabulary. Fans of Steve Roach’s more earthy soundscapes and VidnaObmana’s early works will truly enjoy Flood." - Ambient Soundbath

"Ryan's latest record upholds those hallmarks and uses ambience to close around the listener rather than open up. See No Sky doubles as a sonic instructional manual for slowing down the mind and leaning into introspection. Veering between hypnagogic passages of barely audible waves of synthesizer and ascending, dreamlike stacks of sound, the album feels at times like an elongated mantra."


-Review of See No Sky, Seven Days, Burlington VT’s arts weekly

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Interview on WGDR FM about See No Sky
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