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Live video: When The Water Comes

Welcome to Witherwillow Sounds, the web home of synthesist/bassist

J.D. Ryan (Thorny).

photo of JD Ryan

ALSO: I had a performance February in Bellows Falls, Vermont, at the fantastic listening space, Stage 33 Live. One of the tracks I performed was a shortened version of When the Water Comes,  the first track on the upcoming album. Here's the video of the performance:

News: New album, Flood, out May 7

Hello, friends. 

I'm happy to let you know that Flood, the new Thorny album, iss now out, and is available at Bandcamp and all of the major streaming services.. It was music inspired by the devastating floods that hit my home state of Vermont in July of 2023.

Tonally, it still has the Thorny sound, although it is a bit more dense and varied in texture than my previous releases. I'm excited to share it with you.

Press for Thorny - Flood

“Thorny constructs powerful compositions which demonstrate the intensity and frequency of nature and reveal real-life undercurrents.”

-Ambient Landscape Podcast/Blog


“Each track is thoughtfully arranged, blending muted white noise, the ebbing and flowing of oscillating drones, expansive soundscapes with spacious instrumentation, and a generous wash of ambient reverb. You can almost feel the empathy woven throughout, telling the story of those that endured.” 

  -Stolace/Relay Station Podcast



"Flood is a wholly original work and one where he has created his own unique and moving sonic vocabulary. Never one to miss the opportunity for a pun, I dare say the floodgates are open on Thorny's unique musical vocabulary. Fans of Steve Roach’s more earthy soundscapes and VidnaObmana’s early works will truly enjoy Flood."             - Ambient Soundbath

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